October is National Bullying Prevention Month
In order to increase awareness about bullying prevention, Utterly Global Youth Empowerment is selling wrist bands . The funds raised will be given to school districts to support their efforts to prevent bullying within their school. Further, every time you wear your wrist band, you will be spreading awareness and encouraging others to Stand -Up and Speak –Out … against bullying!


Early Childhood Bullying Prevention Program
'Let's Be Friends'

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Virgil The Bully From Cyber Space *Now available in Spanish!
Grades 1 - 3
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Elementary School Program
'No Excuse For Peer Abuse'

Grades 3-5

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Middle School Program & Project
'Stand-Up Speak-Out'

Middle School Grades 6-8

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“Bullying …Ignorance is No Defense”
High School /Collegiate
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Customized On- Site Training is offered for educators, parents, students, support staff, civic groups and community members.
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Train the Trainer Turnkey Manual
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School Safety Team Guide: Role, Responsibilities and Expectations
(Includes all forms)
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The School Safety Team: Addressing Bullying Behavior Through Culture and Climate and Guidelines for the Development of Behavioral Expectations and Logical Consequences.
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“Gordon” of Sesame Street Endorses Virgil: The Bully From Cyberspace!!!

“The “VIRGIL” storybook and teaching discussion package are perfect tools to help parents and educators emphasize beneficial choices and positive social principles” Rosco Orman

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We Are NOT:
A One Size Fits All Society

Don't Take
A One Size Fits All approach

Goodwill Ambassador
Michelle Marie Heinemann interviews Estelle Botton


Utterly Global Bullying Prevention provides training for youth and adults as well as comprehensive, school-wide programs designed for use in elementary, middle, and high school. We have been industry leaders for over a decade helping to create safe school and social environments through positive character development. The goal of our programs is to to reduce and prevent bullying problems and improve peer relations and school climate.

Our mission is to focus schools and communities on the attributes of human decency and kindness as the foundation for a bully-free society. Our ultimate objective is to empower young people with the tools necessary to make socially responsible decisions and create sustainable change.

Success is built on effective collaborations where students are proactive participants and parents, educators and the community are involved stakeholders. Including children in the process of finding solutions is the reason for the success of our programs. Utterly Global programs provide the vehicle for creative expression and solutions by students. They are our greatest resource: value them.

Training and Programs Are Designed to Meet Your Needs, Goals and Objectives

Utterly Global can assist with the development of an anti-bullying initiative or anti-bullying program in your school, center or community.

Utterly Global workshops and presentations are tailored to meet the needs, goals and objectives of the audience. To ensure expectations are met an outline of topics to be covered will be provided for approval prior to the presentation.

What Works in Bullying Prevention

The most effective programs to reduce bullying start with training and take a comprehensive approach involving collaboration between educators, students, parents, and community. Utterly Global utilizes the “Best Practices” in bullying prevention and intervention as suggested by the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in their training and programs.
There is a positive change in culture and climate when all parties become involved stakeholders and take personal responsibility for standing up, speaking out and eliminating bullying. Giving students a voice and making them part of the process empowers them to create sustainable change.

What You Should Know About Bullying

Bullying peaks in middle school but starts as early as preschool with children using relational aggression. Research states the devastating effects of bullying are long term and far reaching, not just for the child who has been a target of bullying but for the bystanders and person who bullies as well. No longer can we say to our children ignore it. Over 100,000 students carry guns to school.
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Bullying is no longer about the strong picking on the weak in the schoolyard. Physical assault has been replaced by 24 hour per day seven days a week online bashing. Savvy students are using instant messaging, emails, chat rooms and web sites they create to humiliate a peer. No longer can parents count on seeing the tell-tale signs of bullying (black eye, bloody lip, torn clothes). The damage done by cyber bullies is no less real and can be infinitely more painful. ( 2004 I-SAFE survey of 1,500 students) In this age of technology we must foster and maintain channels where students can directly communicate with counselors, parents, teachers and community members.

Most bullying occurs when adults are not present. We need to break the code of silence. The Secret Service Initiative Study found that school shootings are rarely impulsive acts. Rather, they are typically thought out and planned in advance. Other students knew the shootings were about to occur but did not alert an adult. In addition, prior to most shootings an adult saw a behavior that caused concern but did nothing.
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Students should feel comfortable reporting a bullying incident. No child wants to be labeled a snitch or rat. Children need to know reporting an incident will be handled properly and their confidentiality respected. Everyone needs to be educated and trained to accomplish this. Training should include administrators, teachers, parents, students, bus